Noodl is a platform for iterative design of new products and service experiences created and maintained by

We made Noodl to solve the problem of designing connected products and services—especially ones that incorporate real world data.

There are plenty of app and UI design tools today that handle visuals and workflows, but they’re not so good at connecting devices, data and protocols. And few are really geared toward rapid exploration and iteration.

So we built Noodl, a prototyping platform that lets you create refined, dynamic experiences using a visual interface of nodes and hierarchies, instead of code. And it incorporates live data in a simple, straightforward way, and renders the results in real time, so you can iterate faster.
Noodl also integrates with a wide array of other technologies and platforms, so it’s as useful for designing car dashboard UIs and smartwatch screens as multi-platform apps. The result is faster, more flexible prototypes that bring a wide array of technologies together onto a single, powerful platform.

Noodl is currently used by students, professionals, designers and developers all over the world to experiment, innovate and create.
On device realtime updates
Powerful animations & interactions
Multi device experiences
Node based
IoT & sensors
Design with data


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